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Hot pressed watercolour block – 300 gsm

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Arches 100% cotton watercolour paper is the ideal surface for watercolour and other wet media such as ink and gouache.

Specially sized to give the paper added strength, you can erase and scratch the surface without tearing or linting. This paper maintains colour transparency and sheen while preventing staining so you can remove paint to reveal the whiteness of the paper.

With sheets glued on all four edges, this heavy weight paper can handle multiple layers of wash and large amounts of water with limited warping. Once dry, separate the top sheet gently with a flat knife.

Acid-free and treated to prevent mould this paper will stand the test of time.

Size: 310 x 410 mm
Pages: 20 sheets
Weight: 300 gsm
Texture: Hot pressed (smooth)
Colour: White

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